I stumbled, almost fell, as I stepped forward into the frightening scene. My heart trembled as I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. Bodies, spread across seats, eyes shut tightly, tangled limbs everywhere. Remnants of last nights chaos scattered. Broken glass spread across the floor, instruments of disaster evident in the remains. Piercing rays shot through, blinding me. Life-giving sunlight, turned to torturous flame.
Josh, face contorted in some strange mad grin, lay in the centre of stained mosaic. Grasping glass in strange, victorious silence, its contents long since spilt. Movement as a sleek black shadow slunk toward me, brushing my leg with a rumble. The tiny panther shrugged, shirking over to the sleeping hero. Sparkling green eyes glared at me as the beast circled the fallen hero, a long blink of recognition as it made its rounds. A low growl, and the night climbed into my comrade’s arms, settling down, as part of him.
Vague memories of another time, his flaming hair shaking as the deafening noise surrounds us. Bright lights and shaking bodies writhing in the moonlight. A boy, blonde and sleek, shouting warning. Two shrieking harpies, scratching and biting around him. Fright, as we are almost engulfed in the madness, separated from my friends again, as we are rudely shoved in different directions. Suddenly, another shout, all around us cleared with a brute strike. Guardian, Enforcer, Protector, there before they are ripped apart. One thrown away whilst the other wails. The boy, long gone whilst they struggled, leaving only destruction. Strange chemical stench remains, echo of their chaotic introduction.
Another brief shock wave, as a crash from above sent me spiralling. A mad rush to find the cause led to frantic scurrying upon dust covered stairs. Movement, shadow stalks beside me. Energised, ready for whatever may come, must have seen it all by now, tell myself . Faint noises from an upstairs room, I creep towards my fate. Door ajar, the curious shade strolls forward, pushing its way into the room. I follow, unknowing, into this strange new world.
A little respite, attempting to push through the crowds with small effect. There’s never enough to go around, and when we’ve made it to the tap, its hard to keep our treasure safe from the horde. My efforts rewarded, I struggle back through the mess, to find my comrades with relief. Floodlights, as Guardian shouts threats, cajoling the crowd. We hide our small victories, running for shelter, evading the onrush of the masses. The shelter isn’t far, and evading sirens and screaming, we run inside, is this our haven?
A sitting figure reclines against a window, smoke rising from a cigarette. Her puff of white hair and stained make-up reflect in the sun, ethereal in the shining light. Broken wired wings, sparkling dress, and bodies to either side of her, she plays nervously with the shadow. The window seat, a throne to her survivors majesty. She reclined lazily as she saw me, stretched, grinned and beckoned,
“Morning, darling, I have the most perfectly frightful head”