A Thousand Cigarettes
I’ve smoked a thousand cigarettes
since last I spoke to you,
Still nothing yet compares,
to sitting in the garden with you.
We Sang and wrote poetry,
smoked and drank and danced,
After all this was ended
we sat and talked for years.
I wrote a refrain once, dedicated to you,
I lost it with a notepad,
After you’d left us anew.
It will stay with me always,
in various different forms,
but it’s a shadow of that first verse,
that I rattled off for you.
I think I keep the habit,
to keep that memory strong,
and sometimes when i’m singing
I can still hear our song.
Once I’ve smoked a thousand cigarettes,
the memory might then fade,
But I’ll keep you close always,
Whether i’m weak, or brave.