Fire and Smiles
Beacon in the darkness,
I forget you struggle too.
To rise again in Morning,
A phoenix dies anew.
Forgive us for our troubles,
let us share our sins.
As always within bleakness,
a glint of hope remains.
We are Ourselves and many
Selfish, racked and worn,
If we hold together
we shall unite in dawn.
Shelter from the raindrops,
as the storm closes in,
glimpse of fading sunlight,
Rainbow in the dim.
Rays of heaven give us hope,
Without them we are through,
hold our hands and hug us close,
now as we bid, adieu.
Adieu, Adieu.

When you’re not here i’ll miss you,
let you keep me strong,
we shall survive on echoes
together, we belong.
Let us dwell on Love, Not Loss
Then we can weather winds
Even if the good don’t last,
Our flaws will keep us kin.