Little sidethought
Crux in Verse
Hint coercion
Giant within.
Once upon a time there was a boy
who wished that for once he would get a wish.
He wished to wish for wishes until
He was awash.
Until then,
He stole dreams.
Shine anew in Darkness!
Rise above with glee!
Dance, little fey thing,
Amongst Autumn leaves.
Oh, Tigress, you are so dear
Fierce mother, loving guardian.
Sleek and Sveldt,
Snow fresh fallen
As dangerous, indeed.
Soft chill breeze take you
Far from eventide
Into moonlight somewhere
Stars shining bright
Mourning in the desert
Teardrops turned to ash.
Why do you care
who calls themselves an artist?
We’re all artists, of a sort.
Life is imitation, form.
It takes no skill to be an artist
Just a heart that has been torn.
There is a certain arrogance in the artist
a craftiness of the craft.
A desperate search for the original
Taste of Truehearts’ heart.