Accentuate the flying thing,

tortoising in the skies

Wondrous ever sparkling wisp

Spiralling in Autumnal breeze.

Deliver us to other weaves

Breezes strong and wild

Shelter not our windswept forms,

Breathe it in, encompass all.

Splutter forth a smaller guise

Difficult and half-remembered,

Bardic-hymn of long dead fright

Shreik discord unto darkest night.

Gasp as unbound shadows fall

Grasp insides out of flickered halls

Unknown rebellious notes alight

A comet flame to light our fight.

Cacophony of tiny things unheard

as night-time chorus roars

a silence that allows another

daytime culls with her fires.

Whispered shadows stalk the paths

Six abreast in dusk-bourne light

A march a thousand strong

Since time begat and time begone.