There is a wind sometimes
That fills me with nostalgia
For a time i was never in

I wonder but affect
A certain nonchalance
Which takes me pass
Every new forgotten day

One day I’ll forget
One day I won’t need to forgive
As there will be nothing
Where your glare used to be

Let’s imagine for a second
A world in which you’d never been
And I’d still be weak and vulnerable
Not strong as rock and iron
Or burning like the new day sun

I’m not sure I can
I don’t think I know who I was then

That person, the boy I was
And I’m sure I ever will be
Isn’t the same person that he was
Just the person that you thought he should be

It’s hard, or not, that’s the problem
You have captivated me
Not like a poet or a heroine
But like a demon
A sylph
A nightmare
A memory

I can, I will, I conquer
But I cannot trust
And it’s your face that haunts me
When I cannot rest