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This one is a childhood memory one, and i love it, it’s a flashback of sorts to a holiday home we used to stay at as a family, which had a hidden room in one of the bedrooms, which was amazing (and very exciting). The place itself has a particular significance in my childhood as it’s got some wonderful memories attached to it, although i haven’t been there in years. It’s also a dedication to childhood in general, and that which we often forget as we grow older- it’s hard to hold on to imagination and freedom of thought when you’re constricted by proper jobs, money and such, so it’s also about trying to hold that and keep dreaming, essentially! 🙂



When we were little we traveled far

though not wide

through mountain and sea

although not too far

in a cottage far from home

there was a room

not high enough, or big enough

For them, but for us,

Perfect sized, to watch

Beaches on an estuary

Waxing and waning with the tide.


A fortress, one of Many

Adventures took us far.

Mythical Kingdoms,

Magical Castles,


Waiting to be caught.

I think now, it would be too small.

It wasn’t a grown-up’s place.


Watchtower for the small and bravest,


Magic, needs belief.

Adulthood, disdain.

No apathetic adult

Ever caught a Dragon’s tail,

In a tiny little watchtower,

Watching rivers writhe and wrawl.