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I’ve realised i rarely write introductions, and i really should! Or at least some form of description, it’s just poem, poem, poem with little or no prior explanation, which is fine, but i enjoy reading them myself so i really should do them  😉

This one was supposed to be finished for the BeSpeak Halloween event, and is heavily inspired by the Pratchett/Gaiman versions of the ‘original’ sinister Faerie. Also a story particularly favored by my dad when driving through the countryside, of a man who went to a party at a faerie castle and came out a hundred years later, having not aged. I love the idea that they don’t do time in the same way as us, and suchlike and soforth. I’m not sure if it’s entirely as i want it yet, but i like it 😀


And you will know us as we clamour

With tobacco stained hands

And our fading touch of glamour

You want us, somehow

We were your demons before

The worst that could strike

Yet the protectors,

Of a sort

From our own malice

Or from those we serve.

Saucer of milk,

Horseshoe to halt us

So we couldn’t come too close

Appeasement of a great evil

That could save your folk from

That great disaster

That was so local

And so so real.

You gave us your blood,

Trickle of life,

Heirs ours, forever

Scared that the greater

Evil, would take you


We still wait, with merry abandon

For the belief that we crave

The Court dances.

Time is fluid, here.

Boys who dance return ancient

In the morning after.

The faerie queen waits

And she does not wither.

Royal, staunch,