With the state of the world being what it is right now (and again, and again) I’ve found it’s often rather infuriating. There’s so much awful going on all the time it’s hard to deal with. This isn’t quite finished, but as a wip i’m happy with it – it’s difficult, obviously, and i rarely write political poetry, but sometimes it can help with a worldrage.



I am pissed off, pie eyed and


Because their solution to guns is guns

And the fix to our problems

Is to blow things up

When there’s pretty much Fuck all left

And they want us to bray

And cheer it on

When there’s fuck all left

And it’s all gone wrong .


Why this is the solution

It seems more of a final solution

And yet so calmed and so pacified

We stand idle whilst their

Balls driven, anger cock hardens

About a button to end it all.

Because you know what?

Violence begets violence.

It’s basic maths

If you bomb the shit out of someone they aren’t coming back.

But when you’re turning their cities to dust to save them

That’s noblesse oblige at that.


What you want is to stop the bloodshed

With a tank and the bomb and the gas.

Those children with machine guns

asked for it when they picked up the gat

If they’d had guns..


They had guns

People died because we cannot stop killing each other.

Where the fuck is the sense in that?

I’m sure ‘do not kill’ is a central tenet

in everything, just twisted and transformed

to transfix the need

Of sad, repulsive old men with power complexes and bloodlust.


But we’re all complicit

Because we let them

Though we’re given little option.
So I’m pissed-off, pie-eyed and discontented,

because what the hell else is there to do.

When the world descends to madness,

How do we bid adieu?