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This one is another written for the Spoken Word night at the Exhibition, and i rather like it – i’m aware that it plays on alot of cliches but sometimes that’s good fun! It’s basically just playing on the slight jumpiness that most people have when they’re home alone or are overtired etc etc.



I am a sceptic, a cynic & a disbeliever

though I still check for monsters

underneath the bed.

Or worry about that extra shadow

that wasn’t there

or has no reason to be

no extra light

just an extra… me?

That should not be.

Ready to jump or strike

when I least expect it

Grand shadow demons

made of coats or scarves

claws as chill seeps through battered windowframe

an echo of the dark

Not quite like Bat or Fox or Owl

but ethereal and close to heart.

There is a monster in the wardrobe

footsteps rattle on the roof

there’s presence in the silence

a sense of looming doom

Shattering in an instant

When morning somehow… Blooms.