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 Okay so today brings part 4 of my Faerie Arcana, which covers cards 9-11, which have all ended up as stories about human dealings with the Faerie.

The Hermit

He’d been gone for a few hundred years, it’s easy to lose track of time when you’re avoiding people.

The man he’d taken with him had been mortal though, such breakable things.

He kept a finger bone around his neck, to remember his mortal lover.

Then he stepped out across the worlds and vanished again.

The Wheel of Fortune

In Vegas, games are life and death. Gambling is dangerous, but it brings back some of the spark that you need to survive.

In one of the more run down of the casinos, in the secret alcoves in the cellar beneath the games floor, there are those who host the really interesting games.

It’s where you can play with elves, and faeries, and we can give you such gifts.

The walls are different here, the rules are different here, it’s more … Fun.

The wheel spins, the bullets ricochet in the barrel. You could win big, or lose everything. Do you play?


A faerie warrior does not so much use physical power as the impression of it. Charms and glamours over the mind, that atrophy the muscles and use a man’s own power against him.

There’s power in swordplay, muscle and brawn, but they are very clever.

If your mind tells you you’ve lost , you’ve lost. They know how to change your mind. They’re rather persuasive, after all.