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Okay so day 5 of my faerie arcana brings three cards that vary quite nicely, the hanged man is scary but makes me a bit happy because it’s a mischief-maker story. Death is a fairy queen story dealing with the illusions and glamours of the fey folk, and the fact that they are inherently very dangerous, although in this one rather than being mischief makers they are much more predatory. Temperance I found a bit tricky, i’m not sure how relevant it is to the card itself, but it’s the faerie court and how it exists, how any kind of agreement can be reached between beings who are inherently chaotic.

The Hanged Man


The corpse grinned. He’d been dead for ages, and even he thought the gibbet suited him. Scaring travellers was a godsend, and a pleasure.


There’s nothing quite as fun as the face of a traveler when a dead man winks at them.





She looked nice, kind, so we came out from our hiding place. They had come with fire and glass swords to our village, made thorns envelop our homes. We knew they had used their weapons in our neighbours, we had heard them.

We left our home and as she smiled and beckoned we walked towards her.

She was holding something in her claws… Hands… That looked like a still-beating heart.

No.. Just a glittering globe, which she shattered with a gentle laugh, harsh for an instant and then melodic and beautiful, showering all around with sparkles of moonshine.

So, we followed them, the music, her, up out of our village and towards the ancient stone circle on the hill.






Chaos rules chaos, so finding order in the faerie world is akin to finding chaos in ours. It is there, but it is generally not desirable.


Governance requires order, though. The court must cease its revels when the royalty of faerie sing together.


The queen sings velvet refrains, gentle and overarching melodies that catch as they spin and dance through the air.


The faerie do not discuss, they concord.   


Even then, it is only a matter of time before disagreements ensue. The greater ones are not accustomed to working together, and the concerto rarely lasts long.