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 So this is the sixth day of my Faerie Arcana short stories/flash fiction/mini story things, and it’s almost drawing to a close. The Devil is another tale of faerie vengeance, and it’s particularly gruesome, though it deals with the glamour and disguises of things as well. The Tower is sort-of-choose-your-own-adventure based story, or at least the last option, when everything around you is illusions and trickery. The Star is about the night sky of faerie, and also the perhaps sinister nature of even the prettiest of things. I guess they’re all based on perception, and how things can be perceived differently and everything can have ulterior motives and be disguised? maybe 😛

well, enjoy!

The Devil


The Queen was bored, and the dancers failed to amuse her. She had thought that once they started screaming they’d be more entertaining, somehow.

They had made her sister walk in Iron shoes, and now they would dance until their legs broke.

The thorns on which they danced grew sharper, and red with the blood they drank. This was vengeance,, but it was becoming dull.

She yawned, and she thought that perhaps she would find more entertaining prey tonight.

The Tower


In the forests of faerie there are castles and courts that span the mind’s eye, dancefloors which reach to the edges of consciousness , moving and shifting constantly.


The tower is along one of the darker paths, and only appears when you are hopelessly, endlessly lost. It os there when you have lost hope and lost your way, after an eternity spent running down thorny crystal paths.


It’s short, stout, and dark, and the door is slightly ajar. There’s a glimpse of the utter darkness inside. It’s a chance though, and you’ve been walking for days. The thing being, this might be your only chance to escape.


As the forest paths close up behind you, you’re alone in the clearing, now the only way to go is in, and you can hear something coming from behind you…


The Star


It’s always evening in Faerie, and the sky moves. Galaxies swirl and dissipate, stars wink out and burst in glittering supernova.


Stardust trickles down and falls like autumnal leaves, balancing on the breeze and shimmering as it floats to the forest floor.


As with everything here, it’s alive. As beautiful as starlight is, it envelops.


It’s easy to lose yourself in the night sky.