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This is the final set of these! thus completes my faerie arcana – i hope you’ve enjoyed it, and these last 4 are exciting. These are still very inspired by Neil Gaiman’s vampire tarot stories,  though with a twist of the faerie. So they deal with magic(k), and that which strikes our lives and beyond, cruelty and beauty and suchlike and soforth.

Naughty words, violence and uncomfortable topics happen sometimes in these, as before.

The Moon

Moonlight opens the doors to Faerie,

at the old stone circles and mushroom rings.

They stride into our world with merry abandon,

To dance


And Sing.

They are the greatest dancers, and they love nightclubs. Contained chaos under strobe lights.

The most beautiful thing you have ever seen. Easy grace and sweatless ecstasy, and those eyes… Those perfect, piercing eyes. They are rainwater, or the heart of the tempest.

Whatever you do, do not let them take you home with them.

The Sun


It’s not normal to see the fey in daylight, it fucks with our glamours and magicks.

Also, it burns. There are those of our kin who bathe in it.


Exiled from the forests of Faerie they spend their time in the vast deserts, playing havoc and openly feasting on mortal minds.


They dance in Saharan heat, as hordes and pools and imagined waters, and they burn.

Every Second they exist they are aflame, and they revel in it.







She was brought before the king in iron chains, captured on a foray into the mortal world.

Her Glamours flickered around her, stuttering as she tried to re-exert herself. She would not allow the humans to see her real form, though it pained her to use her powers.

He had her brought to his rooms, and he was not kind. He thought he had broken her, and after she had his child, he released her from her chains.

She did not return to Faerie, but she ruled from beside him, and she waited.


When her son was of age, he took his father to the forest, and gave him to the faerie court.


It is perhaps not good manners to talk of the vengeance of the fey folk.








The World


Lord, What fools these mortals be!”

We close tonight, and there’s always a surprise on the last night.

Give me your hands, if we be friends, and Robin shall restore amends”

Tonight, we’ll take our audience past the forest of Arden, down the ancient ways. They will walk the glittering paths with us.

As I am an honest Puck, some may even return to walk the mortal world again.


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