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Hey guys, this is my first non-faerie poem (well, not overtly, eh? it could still be mystical if you see it that way!). It’s also the first post with my afterward, with links to all my things if you’d like to support me. The plan is to pop that after most of my posts in the future, so i hope it’s not obtrusive. Poems are likely to follow the same quotebox format that i used to separate the individual poems in the ‘Faerie Tarot’ Set of mini stories, to keep them standing out from the other blocks of text.


Okay, so Echoes is definitely not up there with the cheerful poems that i have totally actually written? who knows. I like it, it’s sad, it’s bleak and it’s mournful, like seriously. It’s also got perhaps a bit of hope? if you want?




Every now and then there’s a part

Of me that echoes you.

I think I’m better,

I’m never better

Because my heart got left with you.

And you ate it,

Devoured it,

Left me devoid

Of anything,


That made me okay on my own.

I was so good, I got so good

At pretending I was okay

On my own.

Now I have to learn again,

That I am capable

Of running on my own two feet

Without your arms to hold me.

When I cannot stand to be alone

And the shadows grasp.

They try to hold me,

At least.

Your echo takes my whole

But never touches

Whilst never letting me go free.

One day I’ll remember

What it’s like to be alone

Until then here’s our memory

Set here for all to see.

Our hands








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