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Okay so i had to put up at least one proper faerie poem today, which is another quite bleak one – it’s quite similar to Piskie i guess, but just in verse form and smaller and a little different. I have quite a few bits and bobs to put up, which i’ve written in the past week or so and just left on notepads waiting to be edited and typed up, so hopefully (as long as i get my arse into gear a little and actually finish things..) i can get a few new poems and stories up this week!




They used to feed me stories

Milk, and little gifts

To satisfy my hunger

An attempt to assuage mists.

I danced to their tune,

Gave my gifts in return,

Stopped the shadows from intruding.

In return for food and…


Well, they knew I was there,

Gave idle thoughts to me.

When they needed me,

And they always

Needed me.

They were scared.

So was I.

Now, fuck it.

I’m just light and shadow,

They don’t care anymore.

I’m just an idle forethought.

Let the monsters have them.







(Image is of Puzzlewood in wales, from google images, and belongs to www.walesonline.co.uk ) 


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