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Okay so i have two short poems, both of which i felt were visually as important as the words contained within them. The poems vary a bit from page to computer text, but the trial offs and such that are achieved with handwritten stuff are sometimes lost in a typed up version. As someone who hand-writes most of their work, i suppose i just have more connection, or find it easier to write that way? I’ll do several drafts on paper, then edit as I type up and then before publishing, usually. The reason these are limited in scribbling outs and annotations is they have traveled from scrap of paper to drawing pad to notepad, and as you can see with the line ‘for a second’ in  Enough still prone to change. I was tempted to spread that over three lines, and one version of this had 4 boxes of text before the big ‘Enough is Enough’ at the end. I’m not sure which i prefer, but i like the haphazardness of this version.


Breeze Born


The winds whisper,

Willing me to wake.

Words that call me


To times long gone,

Mistakes forgotten

By all but me


His face, when I left,

To wander, aimlessly,

To find

My place.




why it stopped you,

In the end.

Stopped being just another day.

Stopped being


That one act,

So like the others,

That made you stop,

for a second,

And say – 

Enough is Enough.




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