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I recorded me performing some of my things, it’s a bit of an eclectic mix but i thought it might be fun, especially as for Valkyrie and Mushrooms i get to do some ridiculous voices.

Some very short introductions just so you know what to expect 🙂

Echoes – The angry breakup poem, about recovering from a  rubbish breakup with vitriol, as much as it’s perhaps not the happiest thing i’ve ever written, i really like it.

Fantas-what? – This is one of my favourites of my spoken word pieces. It’s a tribute to Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, and all the wonderful fantasy authors who honestly should be considered ‘real literature’. It’s also a sort of scoff and despair retort (especially as an English Literature graduate) at the amount of people that think fantasy is just for kids, or that it’s too silly to be on the same level as ‘real’ literature. For the record, i think i would totally read a stream-of-consciousness thing about a man visiting the zoo.. I quite like that sort of thing too!

Mermaid – Okay so this is one of my coast poems, but it’s also a tribute to my late mother, who we lost to breast cancer when me and my brother were quite young. She was amazing, and one of many wonderful memories involve the beach near a campsite where we used to go on holiday in Cornwall. This is based around the rock we all used to dive/jump off of, into the sea.

Mushrooms – This was absolutely influenced by me thinking about Alice in Wonderland at the same time as trying to write a poem about body dysmorphia. The original one didn’t work out but this, it’s arch and silly and a bit sinister. It was also a wonderful excuse to do a Victorian salesman voice, and to play with the sounds within the poem itself. It’s supposed to bounce around and be a bit shouty, and it’s so much fun to perform.

Sprite – Angsty Faerie poem! Okay so it takes alot from Piskie ( a longer story based spoken word piece) but it’s shorter, it just plays with angst and things  from a faeire perspective, and general disinterest and discontent.

Valkyrie – The Opera Ghost Story. This is one of my favourite things i’ve written, and it’s bloody ridiculous. Also took me a few times to record without breaking character too much, as that arch posh middle-aged woman voice (well, pantomime dame voice) is rather hard to keep up!

All of these have already been published on the blog in one form or another, so if you would like to read them in lyric form just let me know and i can link you, or if you do a title/tag search on the blog they should come up!





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