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This is a Halloween creepy angsty poem, adapted from something I found written a while ago. One of those half-written probably drunk half-poems that was scribbled down in a fit of inspiration and forgotten about. I have a couple of these to put up, after looking through old files and notepads and deciding to finish some of them, or attempt to salvage something from them into a finished piece.

There’s a figure in my curtain 

who stares down upon me with contempt – like a lucifer to my supplicant sleep. 
I try and he’s still there, 

the curtains move to allow his…

 awful ..shape? to take form.

 It’s awful, it’s terrible, 

it’s a living,

Trials for my sins

Whatever they were,

This week,


Seven years ago.

Before I remembered,

But I remember,

A dream I had when we lay together,

That I left and never came back.

But… I did that,

In the end.
I feel bad for the dream,

Not the exit.

Felt bad that it was inevitable,

That I could not tell you,

Until I left.
I know he’s there because I earnt him,

I deserve to feel like this,

Except I know I don’t 

Or at least ,


I wish,

 i’d tried. 

You didn’t deserve to watch me go.. 

I’m not sad you’re gone,

I’m just sad I didn’t wave as I walked out of the fucking door.