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This is another rather bleak one, adapted from an old scrap poem that I decided to adapt and re-work into something I was happy with. It’s not particularly cheerful but I rather like some of the slightly strange imagery in it.

I must seek forgiveness

Though I’m not sure why

I walk the paths of regret

Under blossoming sky.
There’s a wasp in my pocket

And he’s stinging my side

But I must pay penance

So I leave him be.
The spider that watches

As I change my clothes

Can’t die, he judges

Making sure that I know

That I am not good enough 

However I try .
The snake that follows me

Drags itself against my toes

Trips me when I stride

Try, try, and try as I might

He grips tighter 

Against my thighs,

Until I fall,

Unable to rise again.
I will rise, I will walk,

Serpents and spiders

Bite and collide,

Fingers grasping as I walk

Tugging me backwards

Into the swamp,

I will rise,

I will Fucking rise.