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The Isle rests, forever entombed in mists,

Protecting its cargo from time,

Until the hour of need, a king and his men,

Ready to rise in our darkest hour,

Hold sword and scepter aloft

In magnificent piety.

Noble, Handsome and undaunted,

Felled by treachery

Undeserved of his name.

They lost us, somehow, lost the way back,

Trapped in their misty prison,

They have arisen,

When the normans and the vikings came,

But they could no longer find the road

To save their England,

Perhaps, it no longer exists,

Their kingdom, this idolised country,

United and magic borne

Where chivalry ruled,

Nobility was iron-clad.

He woke, screaming, when the bombs fell,

When we sent our young off to war,

As the sceptred isle shuddered,

Shook and trembled, but stood firm.

He could not find the path,

So he paced the halls of his clouded tomb,

Shouting pain, feeling every

Pin-prick of hurt

As the world, convulsed, cried out.

He could not ride out

Along the paths again.

His purpose, last and holiest quest

All made in vain.

Our King cannot return to us,

When the magic left,

Avalon was sealed away,

Trapped in another england,

behind mirrors, scented in the summer heat,

In the apex of the seasons,

But he waits,

He paces,

And he waits.

Perhaps, we shut him out ourselves,

We Held, alone, endured our hurt,

We have no need of mythic kings to save us,

We can stand alone,

As we Stood, together.


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