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Clouds stutter and shriek,

As the ship comes upon

This depth unbefore seen,

That threatens to engulf us.

In her thirst,

For everything,

She devours the ocean.

Our captain rides the wave,

Her arms strapped upon the wheel.

She will take us through,

She will take us through.

We ride the edge

Of this un-ending stream

Swallowing all,

Ending in eternal nothing

With razor teeth.

The ship will persevere,

Small and battle-worn,

Cannons lost for ballast

As the whirlpool swallows storm,

But we ride the edge,

This precipice of certain doom

She holds us steady

Against thunderous groans.

Lightning rides our decks,

Sea-foam strikes like lead,

Whilst on this cliffs-edge

We stand, Sails buffeting

Each sea-borne spit

Carries death.

We Hold, we hold,

Oars outstretched.

This night seems endless,

Our captain holds her will,

Against this ever-hungry monster,

That does not run out of breath.

She fights against the current,

And we hold, we hold, we hold,

Wracked and worn,

Our little ship a fly,

Fighting a dragon.

Daylight hits us like an angel,

Sunbeams light our captain on the stern

As her tired arms reach, to

Pull with all her will on the wheel.

Our broken ship steers away,

Finally free, trawling slowly

From our deadly fate,

To sail the ocean home again,

Knowing just how close we came.

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