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I don’t often write political poems (there are a few, don’t worry) but this is an edit of a piece i wrote for an anti-fracking open mic that i unfortunately didn’t get to attend in the end, it’s a letter for the public written by the countryside, explaining why it would rather we didn’t use fracking.


Dear Residents,

Although I appreciate some of the things that you do,

I let you live on my back

And don’t mind when you groom,

But i’m afraid i might have to put my foot down.

When you break through my skin

And pummel my bones,

Extracting the blood

That keeps me afloat,

Allows me to keep you around.

I would rather you stay here,

Now you’re letting me grow,

My forests returning

To breathe in the snow,

The summer and autumn,

As my family hurt

Across the sea,

I know

You need fuel,

But better ways come

That won’t make my skin falter.

Into depths your homes go,

If you keep drilling,

I just will not hold.

Leave the underground be,

Let the old bones alone,

There’s teeth there

And danger

In what lies beneath

If you take the supports out

From under your feet,

I just cannot save you

When the ground from below


In pain, from your actions,

Collapses and falls,

Don’t say I didn’t warn you,

Or ask you to halt,

You’re killing me,

When your heads rest on my soil,

If I fall, Then you fall,

Look after your own,

Treat me with kindness

Then i’ll show you the same.


The Concerned Countryside


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