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Another of my Arthur/medieval  style poems from a recent spate of the things, because they’re  surprisingly fun to write. This one is about the knight and his lancers who ride out to battle an enemy who are sieging a town.

The knight rode out, lance aloft,

To spar against the storm,

Whilst thunder clapped,

And lightning struck,

He Shone,

Armour Burnished,

Sparkling in the sky-split night,

Riding Forwards,

Riding Light,

Ever Noble,

Ever Bright.
The Knight Rode out, against the horde,

That pressed the city walls,

He rode with brothers, sisters bold,

With spear and lance,

Shields upheld,

Stallions harrumphing,

As they thunger against

The rain-drowned earth,

Towards the great foe,

Their mettle steeled.

Great scythe of silvery death.
The wave of shimmering valour

Hit the foes, struck fear,

Bloody vengeance,

Upon the heads of this great foe,

Who had dared to come so far

Into our lands,

To the walls of our

Marble city,

That had stood untarnished

For centuries,

Bastion against the storm.
Somehow, our shining lance

Of knights,

Breaks the horde,

Our last hope

Hurts them deep,

Pierces the innards,

Of the great monster,

Shatters its bones,

Scattering it to the winds,

Leaving our knights outside

On the windswept and burnt field,

Alone, Exhausted, and Victorious. 

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