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This one is an echo/narcissus poem, more about the afterthoughts of Echo now she’s stuck with Narcissus, because he’s a bit dreadful.

Oh to only hear my own voice,

Whilst he stares,

Endlessly, at himself.

It’s all a bit silly,

When i think about it,

But he was so pretty,

It’s a shame that all he saw, was him.
I smashed the reflection from his face,

So many times,

Waved my arms

In vitriol

Not love,

Not anymore.
I fell for his face,

And now we’re stuck,

In this endless cycle,

Of passive aggression

And ignorance,

Despairing at the foolishness

Of vanity,

Both mine and his,

We could have been so…

Pretty, standing together.
I got stuck, on this

Beautiful narcissist,

Pouring my own dreams

Onto him, drawing

My ownreflection

And thinking it love,

Idleness and foolish pride,

This.. boy..

was never mine.

I could never make



Everywhere i step,

I hear my voice,

Echoes of my

Pleading desperation,

Lust-borne stupidity,

And vice,

Haunt my thoughts,

Keep me trembling,

As i wake, alone,

At night.
To worship an idol is one thing,

To let it live, another,

You cannot make them what you want,

If they don’t hear you,

Or even see your face.
Love is futile when alone.

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