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This,  this is a faerie apocalypse poem 🙂 



The war hit Faerie too,

Hit the copses,

The ballrooms shattered,

Glass splintering,

As the land gaped,

Roaring in pain.

Ancient gods,

Standing for millennia,

The lords of Faerie laughed,

Laughed as their houses

Fell around them,

Their pure faces

A mirror to those

Moustachioed gentlemen,

Who sent young men

To their doom

With a guffaw.
Our world should not echo theirs,

Pure chaos is their lifeblood,

They revel in it,

Take strength,

Blood, and pain, 

Wrench it from us

To feed their ever-hungry

This changed them,

This blood and bomb implosion,

Unlike dragon fire,

Or wizards wrath 

Against the greatest 

Of the old magic,

These tore and shifted 

The walls between worlds,

Broke them down,

Erased everything they touched.
Faerie was broken, battered and bruised,

The gates split asunder,

To our world,

So the Fey lords rode through,

Lords, ladies, monsters of chaos,

Riding beasts of dream and death,

Causing mayhem,

Though this new, broken world,

Was no longer theirs

Or ours…
As the coals cooled

On this great catastrophe,

They flicker and fail,

Glamours and magic

Fighting fallout and flame,

And falling.

Even the faerie could not survive

This all encompassing 

They ride away,

Sealing their ways

Behind them.

This wasteland 

Boring them,

They leave to seek their games,


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