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She had watched the stars as a child,

Holding her father’s hand

As he talked of time,

Listening and learning.

Of every cog that moves the world,

The tiniest piece that drives

the whole, incomplete without,

Water dripping,

Moment by moment,

Until eternity.

As a woman, she counselled kings,

Took everything she had learnt,

And made it greater,

Cryptic formulae stuttering forth,

As she enthralled all before her,

With perfect symphonies of time,

Sent forth in mathematical song.

She was stricken,

By the jealous,

Her work,

Evenings spent with astrolabes,

Spyglasses and water clocks,

No time for those who would stay in the dark,

Her old gods protected her,

For a while.

In the end, she saw her father.

Now, she would teach him,

They would talk forever of time,

Now that they stood apart from it,

Look out at the stars from amongst them,

And calculate their spiralling orbits.

This is another of my Christmas poem/story series, this was written for my friend Jordan Walsh, who is an excellent poet and writer but another one I can’t direct you to online published things by. It’s a short piece based around the Ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Hypatia.
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