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There are stories they tell,

From town to town,

Across the wide world,

Of a man who travels,

Changing shape as he goes,

Bringing his goods to

Villages, through forest and foes.

On his back he carries his life,

with it he carries stories,

Keepsakes and magic

From his wandering

Across the realms,

He’ll trade you them,

Though he takes his payment

In different ways.

A hope, or a memory of past days.

He’ll leave you a treasure,

Engraved in gold,

That whispers to you in the night,

Telling you buried tales,

That lead you to a secret place

And tell you to be bold.

So you’ll follow your new trinket,

On a quest across the land,

To faerie along forest paths

You’ve never seen before,

With this jewel clasped in your hand,

Pressed deep within your palm,

You know the way you’re going

Like steps trod all your life,

Like walking home after longest day

To rest with kith and kin.

Your love stands there,

At the gate at the end of the path,

Hands outstretched, waiting,

As they have for so long,

You place the trinket in their hands,

Then together you are gone,

From this world, into that one,

No looking back, the gate closes

Behind you with a snap.

He whistles as he walks alone,

His gift delivered, his price paid,

Onto the next adventure,

The next village along.

He smiles with satisfaction

As he travels onwards,

Forever moving on.

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