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This is a winter/seasons poem, imagining the seasons as two lovers, endlessly pursuing each other, but never able to meet. It’s a bit of a play on the various myths about the Sun and moon following each other, with a bit of Faerie magic sprinkled in.

The Gentleman wore velvet

Silks and brocades,

Like a waterfall of colour,

Rainbows glittering in the dark,

He danced through the hallways,

Ballrooms and all,

A comet of beauty

Enthralling everything

In his path and trail,

Leaving sparkling memories

As he passes,

Seen by all,

Yet moving with ethereal grace,

Seeming to sweep across the marble,

Floating, almost,

In shades of crystalline

Where he travels,

Frost glows like jewels,

Diamond cobwebs

Splintering the air,

Beauteous yet dangerous,

Chill winds curl out from him,

Deadly winter whispers

That cradle as they encircle,

Casting comfort in illusory warmth,

Death without decay,

He does not turn,

He does not mind,

To look behind would be to fail

In the journey he takes across the world,

It would not do

For him to look back

Upon the chill destruction

He leaves in his wake.
The Gentleman walks alone,

Endlessly, taking winter with him

As he travels,

In search, perhaps, of a love

Lost, leaving

Shivering, dangerous, frost veins

In his wake.
He always looks ahead of him,

He can never look back,

Upon the cold he leaves behind,

His eyes search skies for trails

Of fallen leaves, yet to dim,

He follows flocks,

That flee from him.
Frost will always fade,

When in time his lover

Walks the paths behind,

Her own search eternal,

As in her wake

Spring buds burst

Through Melting snow

As the winter


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