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Tip, Tap, along the stones,

Careful where your feet stray,

One step wrong, you’re gone,

Down, to where the bears lay

In wait for travellers,

In caves below the ground,

With fangs sharp, claws bared

To snare, beneath the cracks,

Hungrier by the day.


Tip, tap, nearer doom,

Every time you walk

Along the street home

Up the road to work

Down the alley back,

Careful where you step.


Tip, tap, alone,

They’re waiting

For one mis-step.


Tip, Tap, Stop

One wrong step.


Tip, Tap.



This is another of my christmas poems and stories series, this one is dedicated to Adam Rummer, who is an excellent person and also a big cuddly machine of productivity that makes me a touch envious. 😉


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