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The Hungry Dragon

Deep, in the dark, there’s a dragon,

He left the world a while ago,

Too many men with sharp things,

Chasing the beasts away,

Burning down the forests,

To make way for their

Wood and stone

Abhorrences against nature,

Defended with steel, fire and bone.


No, that world was not for dragon-kind,

Not anymore, it had changed,

These new men had ruined the earth,

Hunted his people,

Ransacked his halls,

Clipped his wings,

So the hills lie empty .

So he hides, living on cave dust,

Talons clutching his greatest treasure,

All he had left of his mate,

Scales of glittering gold,

Final burning breath of his people,

An egg now solid stone.


He waits for the world to become home again,

Slumbering with fiery groans.

The Villagers tell stories

Of the flame under the mountain,

As he snores the ages away.



This is another of my Christmas poem series, written for the wonderful Cat Bradbeer, who is a wonderful creature and an excellent maker of yummy things and fan of doggos with silly faces.


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