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The Philosopher

What, In particular reference to the canticle
of the moment,
is this precise
within the melodramatic
interpretation of
causality within
the overarching narrative of the
conscious vilification
of narrative phenomena?

Vaguely, one must ascertain the nature of
the cartographic field
that the various aspects
are placed
within, or the practicalities
of the station or vehicle
that those observed
are held by,
particularly with reference to
anarchic themes
that influence
the field of knowledge itself,
especially considering Marxist
tendencies to over-rule
the problematic question of gender-roles
within the piece.


It’s a flower?
I just thought
it would be a nice surprise!





This is another of my christmas present poem/story series, this for my rather strange housemate Molly Griffith-Jones, who never fails to surprise us with her ability to relax in strange positions.


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