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Magic books are rare, useful ones even more so. They’re valuable, but also dangerous. The really powerful ones are kept under lock and key, they have a mind and power of their own. There are some that look like great and terrible grimoires, the necromancy or prophecy they contain within easy to see. Hey are gaudy by profession, nobody would trust a book of dark magic that wasn’t kept by skull-engraved obsidian, after all. 
 There are a few who do not like captivity. They know how to hide, until they are needed or until they require sustenance. They appear as normal, unassuming books, not anything at all suspicious. They will appear in public libraries, to whisk readers away on a grand adventure. They will return them, unscathed but shocked and battle-worn, to their own bodies when they are done. They let a reader live. Life within them and then when they are done they return them to their own time and bodies, though their mind retains the memory of this other life they loved within the magic of the book. 
 There’s a few which are genuinely dangerous. They can control, become you. If they so choose, there’s not much that can escape their clutches, once they decide on their prey. They live on the peripheries, only a few sheets of paper lodged within brightly coloured covers and bold text. Hey reach further than their compatriots, are more predatory. They find their way into your home, into protests, campus, bars and church. They work their way into every facet of life, multiplying themselves on human energy. They find their prey and they clutch into it, controlling it. They will find their prey, and it will never even notice they were there. 

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