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This one is a tribute to Neil Gaiman, it’s almost a Neverwhere inspired poem, really.






Behind Streetlamps

On the margins of the city streets,

They come when things are sleeping,

Together or apart, old and young,

Ageless and antique.

The folk that time forgot,

That somehow slipped out of the

World, into the shadows

That make this one,

With all the things that we forgot,

That rest here, behind the mirrors,

Past the doors that have been

Bricked up, Paths closed

to the folk who walk in daylight.


Things that could have been,

That almost were,

Were dreamed once .

A youth who came to be a star,

But fell to a mugger in an alley,

Fresh off the plane, so hopeful.

He died, but his dreams

Came here. So a little of

Him made it into the fabrics

Of the city behind the city.

It’s more than most get,

In the end..



He dances, sings and shouts,

This reflection of his dreams,

Unfulfilled there,  living here,

He dances in the shadows of

Street lamps,

Flickering in stuttering light.





Image from google images, Victorian Street | by Gareth Wray


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