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This sand struck catastrophe

Where we wash ashore,

Ensnared in seaweed,

Lying, stricken, broken

Litter amongst this

Cornucopia of debris.


Disaster struck by cannon fire,

That ripped our home apart,

left us wrecked, torn from kin,

Salt water filling our hearts


So far from the lands we left,

Bargaining with the waves

For our meagre lives.

Our saviour an oar,

Cast aside in the chaos

For us to cling to,

As we were cast asunder.


Flames hit the gunpowder stores,

roaring as our world shattered,

Thunder and brimstone

Engulfed us with our enemy,

Two great wooden matriarchs,

Crimson winds hitting the sails,

Blew each other apart.


Quiet, now,

But for the lapping of the waves

As they approach and flee,

No seafarers sway,

Shore unsteady still.


We watch the sea,

It breathes

In rippling song,

Born of salt

And sea weed,

Blood torn by barnacles,

Washed away,

To mingle with the sands

Of beaches far

From home,

Under distant stars.


Image credit – Ludolf Bakhuizen, Dutch warships in trouble off Gibraltar, a real incident of 1690


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