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This is a faerie poem, but a warning from one of the nicer ones about the dangers of Faerie, despite its beauty.


The Fairy Steps


Walk, little fairy, walk,

Guide us across the

Gap between worlds

You took us, once,

Now we must return,

We cannot live here,

In our mundane world,

Where everything seems

So flat, so cold, so grey.



I cannot take you,

I walk along paths of gold,

Inlaid by my ancestors

In the forest floor

Following glittering edges,

Passing through autumn’s

Fallen leaves,

As the sunlight scatters

In staccato shimmers

From the path


Warming in delicate

Softness, the last

Specks of summer warmth

Easing the chill of the fall

As I wander along

Towards nothing

In particular

To while time away

Spent alone, away.



We pass, we fade,

It is time for me to leave,

If you seek the paths,

To others of my kin

You must go, beware,

Be wary of their wily ways,

They are not as kind as me,

Their tricks do often mortals sway,

Go careful on the paths,

My friends, would I could

Walk with you again,

Farewell, careful where you walk,

For the snowflake falls,

Where winter stalks.


Photo Credit, Ben Wright – Photographer “Rainy Day Woodland Walks”



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