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Questing Knights

Sir Lance and Sir Shield
We’re knights of great renown,
They rode across the lands,
To save damsels, men from beasts,
In honour and in glory,
They flew their banners high,
Though they often met together
To strive against their foes,
They had not yet raised visors
To look upon each other truly,
Fighting together oft enough,
After quests they soon departed,
Wishing each other well,
As they rode apart to right the 
Wrongs that wracked their lands,
Until they met again.

Then once they met in fateful clash
Against a foul knight bold,
He struck both valiants to the ground,
Took them to his hold,
Locked them in the dungeons,
Stole their helms and armour,
Left them alone, just the two,
To look upon, each said,
The most handsome man 
That they ee’er did see,
From castle, fens or the sea.

Their Bonds did break, as with all their strength,
They reached to clasp each other’s hands,
In union of strength and honour,
To unite their chivalrous power,
They grasped each other close,
As with their bond they broke the door
That kept them there prisoner,
Thrusting it into the far wall,
It struck the guard, 
who dropped the keys,
Then with a cheer they set
 the other captives free,

In a room, they found their armour,
Left discarded on the floor,
After one last great embrace,
They strapped it on, 
prepared for war,
Against this great foe who 
Had imprisoned them, 
in the darkness
Of their dungeon floor,
They clinked their helms against each other,
Placed them upon each other’s heads,
Found their swords and drew them sharp,
Prepared to battle evil
Or fall to death
Upon the cold hard floor,
Together stand, 
unite for battle,
Escape this prison and free them all.

They rallied all that could stand to fight,
Led them up to daylight bright
Together conquered castle and the walls
Until only foul knight remained
Hid, barricaded in his great hall,
His armour burnished, 
red as blood,
He waited on his throne,
Holding his sword across his knees,
Bellowing challenge into rafters and reed,
“You cannot take my castle
Without defeating me,
The guards are dead
The gate is locked,
Only I hold the key,
You will die here,
Your Kin, 
Your Friends,
These rats you rescued,
Will die too, 
Before the day will end”

The Knights united laughed,
There open the door of his hall,
Those behind them united,
In battle-form shone
Swords and spears,
Shining, raised defiant.

The two knights grasped each other’s hands,
Bade farewell and bolted doors,
Went ahead alone,
Towards foul knight
Who sat boldly on his throne,
He rose to greet them,
Sword aloft, he stood
Evil seeping in his step,
The floor shook as he walked,
Fiendish magick in his wake.

Together then, 
they fought
His blows,
Striking true
When given chase,
‘Til sword was stricken from his hands,
Shattering on the floor.

The magic faded from him,
Leaving only an old man,
In armour so much
Larger than his chest,
That weighed him to the floor.

As the spell faded,
Just an old man,
Whimpering on the floor,
Scared, broken, and alone.

They looked upon him,
Then they sighed,
took the armour from him
As he lay upon the floor,
But they refused his pleas
To strike him.
Instead, they took his hands
And raised him up
Took him, helped him,
Walk amongst the others,
Telling none that this
Was once the villain,
Who had imprisoned them all.

They took him to the court,
treated him with kindness,
Fed and roomed him as
They would their own,
He repented, 
though his sins were grave,
The foul magic tapped faded,
Until only a gentle soul remained. 

In time he smiled again,
Though in the end he did not stay.
He left, 
To tell the story
Of the knights, 
Who had saved him
From his awful fate.
The kindness they had showed a foe,
Nobility, love and mercy,
As the only answer to hate.

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