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The mountains survive

Their bellies emptied

Of the glass sharp stone

That was their life’s blood,

That fed the men who took it from them.



The mines are dead,

The mountains live on,

Taking discarded

Intestinal shards,

to armour

Their surface,

Leftover Debris,

minecarts fallen

For the last time,

On tracks that lead to nowhere,

Left to rust for too many years,

Now shuttered in place.



Walls that barely contain their purpose,

Though they still stubbornly stand,

Unaware that the men who built them,

The great wheels and chains

They housed, are all long dead.



Nature takes her bounty back,

Trees and wildlife abound,

Where once the land was stained,

Black with coal, pierced with metal,

That rusts, lonely,

On the mountainside,

Unearthed shards of blue stone,

Shine in the sun,

Wet from rain,

As shoots of life

Return to this cold valley.



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