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The Gardener



Pruning weeds she snips

At the unwanted growth

Protruding from corners

Disrupting orderliness

Blossoming where they should not

She snips at imperfections.



Raking leaves, fallen mess,

Seeking to marr her creation,

As the seasons pass her by

Every day a new task

To maintain this monotony

New buds ripped up,

Thrown to rot.



She wakes one day,

Realises this is no longer right,

Now in blossoms, weeds,

She can find beauty,

There is wonder in wildness,

Majesty in disorder.



She still snips, prunes,

With a more delicate touch,

But only where the wildness

Threatens to take the life

Away from those it threatens,

Where it will strangle

Or envelop irrevocably.



She lets the dandelions blossom,

Until they spray wish-seeds,

The Forget-me-not bloom,

Pastel reminders,

Hazel and Ivy spread and cover,

The stones that make her home,

Straight marching hedgerows

Shoot electric-shock hair.



She watches her work,

With a smile, knowing she can

Rest when she is done,

The garden will live on,

Changing form with the seasons,

Even without her care.



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