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In the wilds, there are only ruins,

Where the fortresses stood once,

Protection from the tide,

That took our civilisation

In the distant past,

Our castles could not stand,

But our city did.

We lured them, 

Pacified them,

Not with steel, but with plenty,

They tore down the gates of our bastions,

Left them empty shells,

Burnt and hollowed. 

When they came to our city,

We let them in,

Opened the gate,

Came to them 

Not with fire and iron,

But with food, welcome,

Relief from thirst.

We taught our great oppressor

That perhaps the plenty of our land

Could be shared

Instead of burnt.

This last act of desperation 

Was taken, by this tired army,

Our leaders spoke at last,

They were brothers, torn by power,

When their father died.

Finally, we had peace, 

Embraced lost siblings

Hand in hand,

Tears mixing

In hearth’s warmth

At last.

The castles still stand empty

A reminder, 

That in vanity and pride

We had fought our kin,

Brought our ruin upon ourselves,

And soothed it in the end,

Not with brimstone,

But with kindness.

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