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Lightning Hunters


In the the world before there was fire,

We sat, cold and shivering,

In our caves,

Waiting for a lightning strike.


A gift from the gods,

To carry home in ceremony,


Dangerous lifebringer,

That must be protected and fed,

Lest we spend another night in the cold.

In prayer we surrounded it, in love

For this mysterious blessing

That kept us from the night

Made our desperate hunts

Less risky in their prize

Knowing food would come

With less danger of deathly disease.


They said our ancestors made it from sticks

The elders, the storytellers ,

But in these damp lands

Of ruined towers

Great stone and metal precipices

Best avoided for fear of predators

There were little enough.


Once, we stretched towards the stars,

In stories, passed down,

We stretched too far,

Brought the god’s wrath upon us,

Filled great cities with poison

That great beasts fed upon.


We brought it upon ourselves,

So now we hide,

Last refugees of a dead race.


We search for lightning strikes,

Before the rain takes the bounty away from us,

Our brave hunters travel far.

For fuel and food and fire,

The last carried back as precious

As any of the rocks our ancestors cherished,

To be held in ceremony,

In the depths of our catacombs,

The hearth of our final days.





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