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There’s a crossroad

Out on the moor

Where the winds whip chill

Spirit hounds howl

In the darkness.

Dead of night

Calls gallows-folk out,

To roam the hills.


This was a plague village,

Long gone, the ghosts

Walk paths in ruins

Lost in ages dust,

Crumbled almost away.


It’s just a crossing,

In the hilltops,

Roads, dishevelled,

From lack of use.

There was a town here, once.


Every night she rides out,

From houses made manifest in moonlight,

Silvery sword sheathed,

As she gallops into the night,

Towards her fate,

Another traveller in the dark.


Be wary when you walk the moor,

She rides for gold, she rides for more,

A fearsome figure, on her great white steed,

Pistol-fire and sword-clash,

Her calling is thunderstrikes.


She’ll rob you blind,

Or if you take her fancy,

She’ll strap you to her horse’s back,

Take you home across the hills,

To a village

That only exists

When the moon waxes

To join the shadow folk.


Be wary of the highwayman,

Whether your heart is pure or foul,

On the night-roads she travels,

Lone abreast her horse,

She’ll take you if she fancies,

Or leave you broke and sore,

She’ll ride off in the moon again,

You’ll ne’er see her more.



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