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Bruna Mae


Bruna was a pirate queen

Who sailed across the sea

Through winds and storms

She sailed, she sailed,

She sailed across the sea,

Battles, wars, men she fought,

To win the seventh sea!


She sullied forth in cannon-fire,

Split King’s men with her sword,

Breaking hills and sharing booty,

She flew across the seas

Sails blowing in sea-Bournemouth winds

She flew across the sea,

So let’s all cheer our pirate queen,

Long may she reign!

She fills us up with wealth and beer,

She built our homes and kept us here!


Oh Bruna Mae, queen of the waves,

Who sails upon the sea,

Through wind and storms,

She sails, she sails,

She sails across the sea,

Battles, wars, men she fights,

And brings us home for tea!


She fought a drake off Whitby,

She broke Tortugas snake,

A Dragon Slaying Pirate Queen,

That’s our Bruna Mae!

Those Redcoat stuffy navy men

Never stood a chance,

Blown to pieces in the bay

As she roared her captains laugh!


Oh Bruna Mae, oh Bruna Mae!

Sailing across the seas

Brought wind and storms

We’re sailing, across the seventh sea!

Battles, wars, men we’ll fight!

A Pirates life it be!


With rousing cheer, we’ll follow,

Our fearsome queen at front,

Bows will rage,

Sails will bellow,

We’ll shout our songs

We’ll shout, we’ll sing,

Across the Night

Across the seven seas!


Oh Bruna Mae, pirate lord,

We’ll follow you through darkest storm,

Until we’re home and warm again

We’ll fight, we’ll sing, we’ll plunder,

Through doom! Through tide!

Through darkness split by cannon’s roar!



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