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The Roving Men

There are ghosts of rovers in the hills,

Men who were not kind

When they roamed the earth,

They were roaming men

Who took all that they could claim.

These men who died alone,

Hateful and cold,

In the ancient hills,

Woke curse with their malice,

Old gods watched as they fell,

Felt their malevolence fail

And called it sacrifice.

Enthralled are they, in spirit,

To roam alone on the moor,

Forever wandering until

Three lives they save

Then they’ll be no more.

So if you spy a ghostly bandit man,

Pistol or sword bared,

They’re looking out for danger,

So you must be-ware.

These are the ghosts of evil men,

That surround you as you trail,

They are not here to hurt,

They cannot touch a mortal,

Not for long, not to hurt,

In the darkness, leering,

You’d think they came for worse.

There is no atonement in their eyes

The hillside gods were of blood, of death, of earth,

Their curse is bitter irony,

These men were cruel,

Their fate is worse,

To wander ever lone,

‘Til one day they might

Chance to save a soul,

From men like they were,

Who’d wreck it on the hillside.


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