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Instructions For Successful Teleportation


Firstly, do not ask questions.

You are here, you must concentrate.


Second. You cannot worry about the future.

It will be what it will be.


Third. Do not think of where you have been.

Where you have come from has no impact,

You cannot afford to leave part of yourself behind.

This could prove fatal.


Fourth. The journey is immaterial.

As are you, during this process.



Fifth. Concentrate on your destination,

This is absolutely crucial,

At this juncture you cannot afford to lose control.


Sixth. Think not about the consequences.

Overthinking can distract,

Causing some particles to



Seventh. You will still be you, in the end.

Whether a version of you died,

And a new one was formed during this process,

You are still the version of you that must continue.


Eighth. There may be points

Where you don’t feel entirely yourself,

This is normal, the system sometimes glitches

All time spent as a small lump of amorphous goo

Is simply a part of the process.


Ninth. All meetings along the way are best forgotten,

Anyone you meet whilst temporarily non existent

Cannot be trusted fully.


Tenth, At this stage you will hopefully have arrived

If all things have gone according to plan.


There will be some potential complications,

Refer to Appendix D-A Page 4.2.






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