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Post Modern Faerie


They used to bring

The poets to fairyland

To entertain the folk

As they ran and danced

And hunted,

The bards

Marching tune.


They were used

To the outcasts

All too willing

To join

The never ending song

That took worlds

And made them theirs

To see their songs

Made manifest

At last.


This new breed,

Taken by the faerie,

As was the custom,

Confused them,

Too much,

Even for chaos,

Unused to

Being asked



This post modern


Took the old

Tricks, distorted them

In ways the fey lords

Were not

Ever prepared for.


Nobody ever asked why,


Nobody ever raised

An eyebrow,


At the ridiculousness,

Of this whole business.


Faerie faded with

The post-modernists.

Iron had held them true,

But skeptical,

self-loathing poets

Finally drove them



This piece is dedicated to the lovely Phoebe Boleyn Vowles-Webb, as a 2017 Christmas present. I wanted to explore the idea of a post-modernist poet or bard being drawn into Faerie like a traditional bard, and how faerie would react to that situation.


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