Henry is a westcountry poet who has somehow found himself pottering around in Yorkshire, with a tendency towards folk and fairy tale retellings and re-imaginings.


A blonde hobbity thing (minus the furry feet, I would like to stress this whilst making a hobbit analogy) that likes books, games, writing, baking and Shakespeare. If these can all be combined then perfection may be achieved, it’s actually quite possible. Proper pubs, proper cider, good company and ranting about how awesome the westcountry is (when it’s not underwater). Also glitter, and rainbows, and Puck, Puns and Poetry.


I write poetry, stories and dramatic monologues, some for performance, others not so much. I would probably describe myself as a folk or fantasy poet, mainly due to a fondness for the otherworldly. I’m not sure if that’s entirely accurate, but it will do. Some of my folk stories are taken from actual myths and legends, some are not. I won’t tell you which, unless you ask very nicely, it might ruin the fun.


I perform regularly in York at BeSpeak and The Spoken Word, as well as helping run BeSpeak. It’s at the Golden Fleece, it’s pretty good, also telling ghost stories in the most haunted pub in one of the most haunted cities in the world is rather a lot of fun.

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