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There’s always shelter somewhere in the storm

Repeat it, as a mantra,

To protect from gales,

Buffeting rain turned to blades

In wind ice cold, penetrating

Even the warmest cloak,

On the hillside,

Far from home.



The journey will take its toll,

A price exacted upon you,

It may or may not

take your life,

It will be forever etched

Upon your soul.



There’s always someplace warm,

Some crag to cower under,

From the worst of nature’s wrath.


The storm takes,

The earth provides,

Though rain can soothe,

Mountains take lives,

If disrespected,

If the toll is not paid

It will exact it upon another.




Blood runs in the ground,

Washes away in the torrents

Becoming one with the earth again,

Leaving little trace of your path,

But ashes left under
An outcrop, embers
For the next traveller
To re-ignite.




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